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✨✨Lifetime Access✨✨

to the skills, resources & step-by-step system that helps you successfully prioritize YOU + achieve personal goals, while balancing family, healthy relationships + a fulfilling career without the overwhelm.

...and a home to build the balanced, yet joyful life that you love alongside other women who get totally you...

The biggest obstacle to getting out of your own way, prioritizing you and creating a perfect harmony between work, family and personal fulfillment is the fact that you aren't surrounding yourself with other women who desire and are pursuing the same.

Yes, you need the steps, guidance, support, accountability and you'll get access to ALL of it inside the Joyful Blueprint Academy.

But just as importantly, you'll also immerse yourself in a heart led community where building healthy habits, acheiving personal goals, thriving relationships and dreaming big is the norm.

We don't want you to make a temporary change...just to feel good for a little while, we want you to build the healthy habits that create lasting positive change that will help you as an ambitious woman, create a life that you love w/ joy, balance, abundance and success without the overwhelm.


Instead of staying disappointed and frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own, hoping from book to book, youtube video to youtube video..

...weeding though tons of information and advice, not knowing where to start...

The Joyful Blueprint Academy gives you the peace of mind, that you have everything you need to get out of your own way, ditch the overwhelm, gain clarity, achieve balance and success in achieving your personal goals while balancing career, relationships and family life. Build the life you truly desire (and deserve).

Whether this is your first time going all in and investing in you, in achieving your goals or this is your 10th try...

...everything within this program is based on the unique, yet proven approach to help you create the consistent positive habits and mindset to be successful in prioritizing YOU and successfully balancing all other aspects of your life (without guilt or overwhelm).


✨✨This is whats included✨✨

Instant access to EVERYTHING listed below, valued at over $23,000.


  • Time Management, so you can slow down and stop rushing and effectively balance work, family, and personal goals, reducing your stress and increasing productivity.

  • Stress Management, so you can feel calm, balanced and at ease, improving your overall well-being and allowing you to navigate your busy life without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Effective Communication, so you can express your needs, delegate tasks, and build stronger relationships, both personally and professionally.

  • Goal Setting and Self Prioritization, so you can focus on pursuing the passions Good has placed in your heart, leading you to a greater sense of achievement and fulfillment.

  • Self-Care and Well-Being, so you can feel great in your physical and mental health, ensuring you have the energy and resiliency to show up 100% each day for your many responsibilities at work and home.


This course is designed to walk you through, step-by-step to prioritize YOU + clearly define + plan personal achievement of goals, while balancing family, healthy relationships + a fulfilling career without the overwhelm NOW.


  • Create Your Balanced Mindset (Valued at $3997)
  • Unleash Your Balanced Body/Life in Action (Valued at $3000)
  • Unlock Your Balanced Spirit (Valued at $5000)


  • Bi Weekly Live Coaching Calls w/ Coach Q (Valued at $2000)
  • Bi Weekly Live Healing Calls w/ Mental Health Therapist, Naketa (Valued at $1500)
  • Private FB Community (Valued at $1500)
  • Monthly Workshop (Valued at $997)


  • Overcome Perfection Training: Overcome your fear of failure, cultivate self-compassion, and develop a more balanced and fulfilling approach to life. ($997 VALUE)
  • Discover Your Life Purpose: Gain greater clarity and confidence in your life direction. Get equipped with tools and strategies for living a purpose-driven life. ($997 VALUE)
  • 3 Steps to Ultimate Forgiveness: Release toxic emotions and cultivate a sense of peace and freedom. Gain a deeper understanding of forgiveness and get equipped with the tools to heal and restore relationships, both with yourself and others. ($997 VALUE)
  • How to Overcome Trauma Responses to Fear: Get access to this training by mental health therapist Naketa. Gain deeper understanding of trauma responses and get equipped with practical tools and strategies for healing and moving forward.

What People Are Saying:

This program is the BEST investment I have ever made in myself. EVER!

Lisette; Single Mom, Business Owner

Coach Q is so good!! After years of trying struggling to balance being a mom, wife and having a career. I made the decision to invest in a coach. I am so grateful to have found Coach Q. Life really is joyful now and finally lost the 15bs I've been trying years to get off.

- Monet