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Discover the 3 Simple Steps to Achieving A Healthy Work Life Balance. So you can reclaim your Time & Energy. Consistently Pursue Your Passions & Restore Strained Relationships (without the overwhelm).



In this training you will learn,


  • The #1 lie that you (and many women) believe that keeps you stuck in the constant cycle of busyness, struggling to juggle all your responsibilities. And the TRUTH¬†that will help you slow down to enjoy more uninterrupted time with family and building up the close relationships¬†in your life.¬†


  • The simple scheduling hack that takes your calendar from overloaded to overjoyed.¬†Allowing you more down time and the opportunity to regain your mental & physical energy so that you can balance a full days work and enjoy a family night with ease.


  • And the 3 Simple Steps that you can start taking TODAY to achieve a healthy work life balance, creating¬†mental focus¬†in you to leave work at work and when you're home, you're home. Allowing you feel satisfied, knowing that you're showing up both in your professional life and in your personal life.
hey there, mama!

I'm Coach Q


I teach career-oriented women + moms how to balance career, family, relationships with JOY, while consistently creating the time to pursue & achieve their personal passions. I am also a serial entrepreneur, flight attendant, mom and wife. So I know what it takes to balance it all.  

My greatest desire is to show women how to create a balanced and joyful life that they love. Teaching them how to show up for themselves the way they consistently show up for others, learning to balance their career + family, while also pursuing their passions and dreams. My coaching style is very hands-on, as I spend dedicated time personalizing teachings to my clients so they can ditch all that overwhelm and get straight to achieving their personal goals and the balanced life they truly desire. 

I can't wait to meet you in class.


Coach Q has radically changed my life

- Lisette

I thought that by being a woman with ADHD, that balance was impossible for me. WRONG!! Not only do I know what balance is now, I now live it. Thanks so much Coach Q.

- Trisha

Coach Q is so good!! After years of trying struggling to balance being a mom, wife and having a career. I made the decision to invest in a coach. I am so grateful to have found Coach Q. Life really is joyful now and  finally lost the 15bs I've been trying years to get off.
- Monet